Project NG_TPfib

The project "NG_TPfib - New Generation of Fibers for the Reinforcement of Cement Matrix Materials", promoted by Exporplás - Indústria de Exportação de Plásticos, SA and by CiviTest - Research of New Materials for Civil Engineering, Lda., POCI 01 0247 FEDER 033719, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Operational Competitiveness and Internationalization Program (POCI), aims to develop a new generation of thermoplastic fibers (TP) for the reinforcement of cementitious matrix materials in the civil construction market.

It is intended to develop fibers with geometric properties and optimized materials that guarantee technical performance and economic competitiveness superior to that registered with the fibers existing in the market, especially for the large segments of market where fiber reinforced concrete (BRF) is used, namely: pavements supported on soil and stakes, tunnels, slopes, and pre-fabrication.


Webinar NG_TPfib

No próximo dia 29 de junho, entre as 14:30 e as 15:45, realizar-se-á o webinar “NG_TPfib”, promovido pelas empresas CiviTest e Exporplás, que apresenta as principais conclusões obtidas no âmbito …