The Project

Project PreSlabTec

The project "PreSlabTec - Innovative constructive system for lightweight fully pre-fabricated slab of high behavioral performance", promoted by CiviTest - Research of New Materials for Civil Engineering, Serralharia Cunha and University of Minho (UM), NORTE-01 -0247-FEDER-033690, financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the North Regional Operational Program, intends to use new materials and manufacturing methods for the development of an innovative type of fully prefabricated slab, with high material, structural, and thermal performance, and with an adequate compromise of lightness, robustness, sound insulation and fire resistance.
This slab effectively mobilizes the potentialities and properties of its constituents, namely fiber-reinforced concrete, honeycomb steel profiles, lightening materials, thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire protection. These materials are applied according to a new industrialized construction process ensuring durability, lightness, geometric flexibility and structural and functional behavior superior to any other pre-fabricated solution. This solution is to be fully prefabricated, in view of easier and faster construction of floors of any type of buildings, including rehabilitation interventions.

Notícias e Publicações

Workshop PreSlabTec

No próximo dia 27 de julho de 2020, entre as 14h30 e as 16h30, realizar-se-á, através da plataforma ZOOM, uma sessão pública de demonstração do projeto de investigação “PreSlabTec – Sistema …